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Single pass honing process, as the name indiatces, is just passing the honing tool once in the bore. The tools are barrel shaped and pre-set with consecutively increasing size. The tool is passed through the bore while it is rotating. Conventional honing tool reciprocates, expands while honing and retracts after completion of cycle. While Single Pass honing tool is slow wearing diamond impregnated, adjustable and pre-set to size, it does not have to expand and retract during the cycle. Hence, consistency of the bore size is ensured.


The process is most suitable for components like Gears, connecting rod, rocker arm, gear shifter fork, bush, hydraulic valve, crank case of hermetically sealed compressor, sewing machine components, pistol barrels etc. The process gives 2-3 microns size repeatability over a long batch size. Applying Single Pass Diamond abrasive Bore finishing technology, extremely close tolerances can be achieved consistently in mass production at a lesser per piece cost. Diamond plated finishing tools are capable of achieving micron/sub-micron accuracy.

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