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Single Pass Honing Machine

Posted On : 10-05-2021
By : Ajeet Samani

Single Pass Honing Machine
What Is CNC?

CNC is referred for Computerised Numerical Control, a type of machining process which is controlled by pre-programmed computer software. Today used in a variety of complex machining tasks. The functions of honing tools like grinders, lathes, mills, routers can be controlled with a computer software.

It has replaced the manual set of operators to prompt and guide the machining process. The Honing machines can perform the tasks defined by the computerised software like a programmed robot.

What Are CNC Honing Machines?

When the computerized programmed software is used for the honing process they are called CNC Honing Machines. A software program controls the functions of the honing machines via a numerical control. To understand the functioning of the honing machines you must understand what is honing.

Honing Process

Honing is a process where the metal piece is abrasively scrubbed by a stone to transform it into desired shape. Various types of honing stones are used according to the purpose and type of workpiece that needs to be honed. The position of the tools, the speed and the functions of the honing tools are all controlled by CNC software.

The CNC honing process is used in a variety of industries for making cylinders, gears, or other such components.

Types Of Honing Machines

There are different types of CNC honing machines which can perform different machining processes. Each differs according to the function and the purpose of machining. The types of honing machines are:

Single Pass Honing Machines -

This type of honing machine can be used for a wide set of machining operations. In this type of honing process the honing tool is passed once through the bore. These honing tools are barrel shaped and vary in size depending on the size of the honing bore. It has multiple spindles and this is why it can perform a variety of functions.

Vertical Honing Machine -

In vertical honing machines the honing tool is held vertically for the purpose of the grinding process. The spindle stroke in the vertical honing machine is short.

Horizontal Honing Machines -

In a horizontal honing machine the honing tool grinds the metal workpiece horizontally.

Single Pass Honing Machine

The single pass honing machine is used especially when the bore walls are thin and need a honing process. In the single pass honing process the 0.025mm or 0.075mm of stock can be removed easily.

What is the Single pass honing process?

In this type of honing process a honing tool is passed only once through the bore while it’s rotating. The honing tool or the bore used in a single pass honing machine is made up of diamond abrasive generally. It can also be customised by the manufacturer according to your purpose.

The multiple stroke single pass honing machines are able to hone the hardest material too. Types of materials which can be honed with it are steels, alnico, zinc, carbide, ceramic. Therefore a single pass honing machine is useful to a variety of industries.

Single stroke honing machines cannot be used for extremely hard or soft types of material.

This process is used generally for making components like gears, hydraulic valves, rocker arm, pistol barrels, sewing machine components, etc.

Features Of Single Pass Honing Machine Khushbu India

It offers a wide range of features and they are as follows:

High Output-

The single pass honing machine with the multiple stroke is able to deliver a higher level of output.

Consistent Precision -

With the controllable cutting action of the honing machine, it can hone any chip size easily. Therefore it results in accurate geometric shape and size.

Pick and place feature -

To make the whole process cost-effective it comes with a pick and place feature which saves the labour cost.

Surface Finish -

Single pass honing with diamond bore can give a smooth finish over time as the grit dulls. The single pass tool requires much more power for the multi-stroke cutting process to produce such results.

Stock Removal -

A multi-stroke honing tool can be adjusted for stock removal. It generally depends on the part’s material type, shape and geometrical shape.

Multiple Spindles -

The Single pass honing machine comes with one or more spindles for increased output.

Compact Machine Base-

The machine has a strong and compact base and therefore ensures safety and durability.

Types Of Single Pass Honing Machine Khushbu India

Currently there are three types of single pass honing machines available at Khushbu India. Though the tools and specific parts can also be customizable according to the specific requirements of the client.

Picture of Single Pass Honing Machine
SP425 - CNC Single Pass Honing Machine

This variant of the single pass honing machine is made up of diamond abrasive. The tools are movable and pre-programmed to function according to the requirement.

Bore Limit-

5-15mm minimum bore limit and 75mm maximum bore limit

Number of Spindles-


Bore Accuracy-

Upto 2 microns

Daily Production capacity-

5000 parts

This type of single pass honing machine is able to accomplish close resistances when the diamond bore is used. Therefore it can produce accurate results at lower per piece cost.

Khushbu India is a CNC machine manufacturer in India specializing in honing machine manufacturing.

Picture of Single Pass Honing Machine
SP450 - CNC Single Pass Honing Machine

The spindle configuration of this type of honing machine depends on the stock removal, surface finish, and the level of productivity expected. It generally can give upto four spindles and is a horizontal CNC machine suitable for making components.

Bore Limit

- It has a bore diameter of upto 38mm.

Number of Spindles-


Picture of Single Pass Honing Machine
SP650 - CNC Single Pass Honing Machine

This type of machine has six stations out of which four stations are used and two are kept for the component stacking. It has two axis CNC controllers and vertical stroking upto 450mm. It has an auto-lube system and an overload interlock to the spindle motor.

Picture of Single Pass Honing Machine
SP850 - 8 Spindle Diamond CNC Single Pass Honing Machine

This machine comes with eight spindles and full CNC control. The stock removal capacity is upto 0.1 mm. It gives a high level of productivity and has efficiency to produce up to 10000 parts per day.

Khushbu specialize in high precision, highly productive bore finishing honing solution.
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