Three different types of Single Pass Honing Machines offered by Khushbu Engineers India

Single Pass Honing Machine

SP425 – CNC Single Pass Honing Machine

SP425 is a 4 Spindle Single Pass Progressive Honing Machine with bore limit of 5-15 mm and maximum bore length of 75 mm. It is developed extraordinarily for little segments with high creation volume. Bore accuracy is unto 2 microns and the maximum production every day can be 5000 parts.

While Single Pass honing tool is moderate wearing diamond impregnated, movable and pre-set to measure, it doesn't need to extend and withdraw during the cycle. Consequently, consistency of the drag size is guaranteed. The procedure is generally appropriate for parts like Gears, associating bar, rocker arm, gear shifter fork, shrubbery, pressure driven valve, wrench instance of hermetically fixed blower, sewing machine segments, gun barrels and so forth. Applying Single Pass Diamond rough Bore completing innovation, incredibly close resistances can be accomplished reliably in large scale manufacturing at a lesser per piece cost.

Front left angled view of SP425 CNC Single Pass Honing with control screen on the top left

SP450 CNC Single Pass Honing Machine with control dashboard on the right by Khushbu Engineers

SP450 - CNC Single Pass Honing Machine

SP 450 is a four spindle machine for components of bore dia up to 38 mm. Stock removal, surface finish, Productivity etc. determines the selection of the suitable spindle configuration. Single Pass single spindle horizontal CNC machine is available for suitable components.

Standard Features

  • Longer tool life, Less cost per piece.
  • Very High output
  • Consistent accuracy
  • Superior bore quality
  • Better size repeatability.
  • Operator skill eliminated.
  • Pick & Place arrangement to reduce labor cost (Optional)

SP650 - CNC Single Pass Honing Machine

SP 650 is a six spindle machine intended to meet the prerequisites of high creation for parts of bore diameter up to 38 mm. Here the configuration is six spindle and eight stations, out of which two stations are kept inactive for the purpose of stacking and emptying the component.

Standard Features

  • Two axis CNC controller.
  • CNC Servo controlled vertical axis.
  • CNC Servo index table.
  • Vertical stroke 450mm.
  • Pneumatic cylinders with fine pressure regulator to counter balance the head.
  • Pre-lubed, P4 Class duplex spindle bearings.
  • Tr36 tool holder with vertical, bidirectional float.
  • Rigid, compact machine base.
  • Auto-Lube system.
  • Electrical panel with isolation transformer.
  • Overload interlock to spindle motor.
  • Tool overload sensors.
  • Fabricated, stress relieved machine structure.

Fully adavanced working model of SP650 Honing Machine with Control screen and buttons on the right

Close front view of SP850 8 SPINDLE DIAMOND SINGLE PASS HONING MACHINE with Khusbu India logo on top

SP850 – 8 Spindle Diamond Single Pass Honing Machine

Khushbu Honing is an ISO 900 company which manufactures Vertical and Horizontal Honing Machines suitable for variety of components like automobile engine parts, brake parts, turbo charger parts, hydraulic flow control valve, bush, bearings, connecting rod, rocker arm, wheel cylinder, valve guide, steering roller, gears, pistol barrel etc. We have in our control the set-up for design, manufacturing and assembly of these machines.

A special product is launched for IMTEX 2019, The 50th Anniversary year. 8 SPINDLE DIAMOND SINGLE PASS HONING – SP 850. It’s 8 spindle Vertical Honing Machine with full CNC control. It can hone bore from 5-35 mm with suitable L/D ratio. Maximum material removal on diameter is 0.1 mm. The most important feature of the machine is the Productivity. This machine can produce 10000 parts per day. The machine has 8 Diamond Single Pass Honing Tools with Rough, Semi-finish and Finish Grades. The machine is equipped with GANTRY ROBOT COUPLED WITH A BOWL FEEDER. The machine is displayed at hall 1A/ B108.

We have supplied CNC Honing Machine for varieties of components. A few of our clientele around the world includes:

  • Bosch, India - For Nozzle body - 2 machines.
  • Godrej & Boyce - For Refrigeration crank case 5 machines
  • Indo US MIM - For Turbo Charger Vanes. 5 machines
  • Bajaj Motors, Gurgaon - For Rocker Arm – 6 machines.
  • Eaton Ltd - For Hydraulic Valves
  • Isfur Otomotiv Electronik ,Konya Turkey - For Turbo Charger bearing housing 2 Mcs
  • Gunalsan Poma Kakine San Tic Ltd - For Valve Guide. – 1 machine
  • Lesils Mach Ltd ,Bulgaria - For Hydraulic Valve.
  • Milco ,Ltd Bulgaria - For Hydraulic Valve.

Khushbu specialize in high precision, highly productive bore finishing honing solution.
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