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Types of Honing Machines

Posted On : 10-05-2021
By : Ajeet Samani

Types of Honing Machines

The need for the different types of components and tools for the machining process led to manufacturing of different types of honing machines. Honing process is used to improve the shape, precision, and surface finish of the metal workpiece.

As the dimensional and geometrical accuracy needs of workpieces vary, different types of honing machines with various types of tools are used.

Generally there are only two main types of honing machines:

  •   Vertical Honing Machines

  •   Horizontal Honing Machines

Honing is a process where with the help of abrasive scrubbing against the metal work piece the material is removed with a honing tool or stone. In order to produce precise components and machining parts of accurate geometrical shape and smooth surface texture different variations are made in the honing machines. This has resulted in variation into the parts and types of honing machines.

Honing Process

Honing process is used for precision surfacing after drilling and boring process. It is considered to be one of the best technologies used for finishing technology in manufacturing. For the purpose of removing the material from the barrel the internal honing process is used. The honing stone is made up of different types of natural and artificial abrasives. The types of abrasives used in bores are as follows:

Natural Abrasives:
  •   Diamond

  •   Corundum

  •   Garnet Quartz

  •   Other similar types of materials found in the earth

Artificial Abrasives:
  •   Silicon carbide

  •   Boron carbide

  •   Aluminum oxide

  •   Other types of aluminas

The call regarding the selection of the type of abrasive depends on the material of the metal workpiece.

Types Of Honing

Honing is classified into two types according to its functions:

Manual Honing -

The honing stone or tool rotates continuously and with hand, a metal workpiece is moved in up and down motion.

Machine Honing -

The honing stone rotates automatically as programmed for the honing process. There is no need for manually operating the machine. The operator only gives a set of commands to the CNC machines to perform a certain machining task. There are mainly two types of honing machines: Vertical honing and horizontal honing.

Advantages Of CNC Honing Machines

Here are some of the advantages mentioned to convey why machines honing has replaced the manual honing:

  •   Less complex fixtures

  •   Accurate geometrical shapes are delivered

  •   Precise finishing of the texture

  •   Efficient in finishing hard materials too

I hope you must have understood everything about the honing process. The types, advantages, functions and features of honing have been clearly described above. We can now move towards understanding what are the types of honing machines. The basic differentiating factors are some components, controls or tools that differentiate one from another.

Types Of Honing Machines

Below we have listed some types of CNC honing machines manufactured at Khushbu India. It is one of the leading Honing Machine manufacturers in India. Therefore the majorly used honing machines are listed below:

Single Pass Honing Machine
Picture of Single Pass Honing Machine

Single pass honing is used to hone a straight and un-tapered bore. The honing stone or tool is passed only once through the bore for forming a cylindrical shape or barrel. This type of honing process is useful for the internal long stroke honing. With single pass honing machines a high level of production can be achieved as multiple spindles are used for honing. Mostly for single pass honing diamond or CBN abrasive impregnated tools are used for the honing process. This type of honing machine is used for manufacturing of gears, rocker arms, gear shifter fork, gun barrel, etc.

Single Spindle Single Pass Honing Machine

A single pass honing machine with a single spindle has the capacity to remove 0.025mm to 0.075mm of stock from the material. The features of single spindle single pass machines are as follows:

  •   Consistent accuracy

  •   Superior bore quality

  •   Reduced downtime for the change of honing tools

  •   A high rate of coolant is used in single pass honing machines to remove chips from the honing area.

Four Spindle Single Pass Honing Machine

This type of honing machine has a bore limit of minimum 5-15mm and maximum bore length of 75mm. The need for creating extraordinary little segments production in high volume led to its manufacturing. The four spindle CNC single pass honing machine with upto 2 to 4 stations is able to give output of upto 5000 parts per day.

Six and Eight Spindles Vertical Stroke Single Pass Honing Machines

The six spindle honing machine has a bore diameter of upto 38mm. This machine has 2 axis CNC controllers and an auto-lube system. It has a CNC servo controlled vertical axis and index table. The eight spindle honing machine tools are diamond pleated. These machines are able to give an output of 10000 parts per day.

Vertical Honing Machine
Picture of Vertical Honing Machine

In this type of honing machine the honing tool is held vertically for the honing process. The sliding motion in these types of machines is shock proof. Hydraulic variable spindle speed can be achieved with this type of machine. The user friendly PLC system of CNC machines makes the operation easier. As the number of strokes can be set according to the requirement in the PLC system. These machines are not only rigid but compact for smooth operation. At Khushbu India the vertical honing machines come tooled up and ready to use position.

Horizontal Honing
Picture of Horizontal Honing Machine

The components of these machines are made up of an internal diameter of 3mm to 75mm. In CNC horizontal honing machines the bore size can be adjusted easily.

Manual Honing Machines

These types of machines are used for the production of small batches. The bore size can be manually adjusted in these types of machines. A manual honing machine gives a high contact area of the bore. A cross-hatch pattern can be produced after the honing process.

Auto Stroking Machine

If a large batch of quantity needs to be produced an auto stroking machine is used. A robust fixture and stroking mechanism of the CNC machine gives stroking and holding features.

CNC honing machines are used for making various types of machine parts, mostly cylinders, gears and bores. Components like automobile engine parts, brakes, turbo charger, hydraulic flow control valve , bus, bearings, connector rods, rocker arm, wheel cylinder, etc. Many more such components are made with different types of honing machines. They are sometimes customised for performing a certain task with additional tools.

Khushbu specialize in high precision, highly productive bore finishing honing solution.
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